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Fourteenth place for Louise Carton in the final of the 5,000 m

87342e1ec3966df0277d81a89aae3714 - Fourteenth place for Louise Carton in the final of the 5,000 m

Louise Carton is on Sunday, the final day of the European atletiekkampioenschappen in the German capital of Berlin on the fourteenth place finishes in the finals of the 5,000 meters at the women. The 24-year-old Carton was the latest Belgian athlete in action had to come in Berlin. She worked in the 5,000 meters in 15:53.27. The gold was for the Dutch Sifan Hassan in 14:46.12.

Hassan was the British Eilish Snooker (14:53.05) and the Turkish Yasemin Can (14:57.63). The fourth place went to the Israeli Lonah Saltpetre, but for her there is definitely more resident. In the penultimate lap, he sprinted in the straight line just behind Hassan, and she was in the assumption that they are the silver medal at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. Saltpetre, however, had a round little counted, and when she realized that, were Snooker Can its all voorbijgesneld. They carried on with the chase still in, but could the two not be able catch up.

For Louise Carton is no doubt a relief to know that they these championships injury free could finish, after a winter that was dominated by injury. So was she forced to give up for the Belgian championship cross-country.

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