Fire port of Antwerp under control, ’rampenfase’ removed

a9a2993616c99e5b1dc353de466950d7 - Fire port of Antwerp under control, ’rampenfase’ removed

ANTWERP, The great fire in the port of Antwerp under control. The ’rampenfase’ that the Belgian municipality promulgated inspired, lifted. “Only the zone around the company will remain an operational area for emergency services”, said local authorities Sunday at the end of the afternoon. The further environment is released. There may still be some time smells, but that no longer poses a danger for the health.

Within this zone were the companies cleared.

The fire broke Saturday in a warehouse with nickel sulphide in the Leopolddok. The fire, which coincided with large smoke, it was hard to fight. Sunday morning, the contingency plan into operation and was more as a precaution the area within a radius of 1,8 km around the place of the accident cleared, including the vessels, that there are layers.

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