Dutch coast is littered with remnants of balloons

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THE HAGUE – Volunteers who are busy with a opruimactie along the North sea coast, in seven days time, the remains of over 1900 balloons removed. Each stage to find the participants between fifty and two hundred ballonresten. In total, there is in seven days, 4297 kilos of waste from the beaches met. Last year, this was after the same number of stages 4140 pounds, reports The North sea Foundation.

The Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour of The North sea Foundation is now about half. During this edition there is special attention for ballonresten. The foundation raises this year, the balloons separately in order to draw attention to this problem. “The balloons that are flying through the air, often nd themselves in the sea. Animals in the sea to see the rubber on it for food and birds can become entangled in the plastic sierlinten that the balloons hang,” said the foundation.

The Second Room early churches already in 2014 the plates of balloons to discourage. Four years later, the balloons still in the top five of the most commonly found pieces of trash on beaches, says the foundation.

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