Dominik plays for ‘papabadkamer’ in Millionaire

5447c45c1d13eb176009cba72c9c0877 - Dominik plays for 'papabadkamer' in Millionaire

On Monday 13 August 2018 is going to become a Millionaire his third week in. Six new candidates to try with Staf Coppens, with the grand prize of 1 million euro to go home. “I play for a ‘papabadkamer’” says the 44-year-old Dominik from Elverdinge. “I live together with my wife and 3 daughters of 10, 17 and 18 years old. If we are to 19h to a party must, take it to the bathroom from 15h in. Five minutes before departure, it is my turn, so we have arrived too late, “because dad was still in the bathroom”. That problem is solved with a ‘papabadkamer’.”
The ambitions of Sinclair from Grimbergen are in the dinsdagaflevering a tad higher. “I would be 1 million an island to buy, preferably in the Necker Island of Richard Branson.” Ariana plays on Wednesday for a house for her mom. “And I would like feet of an elephant. With 1 million that should do it.” That them as the best songs can gargle, Staff in the studio already explore. But they may also be 15 questions correct? On Thursday, August 16, plays lawyer Sophie for a renovation and an exotic trip. “And I am 14 weeks pregnant, a million would be so very useful”, she laughs.

Episode 9 on Monday 13 August 2018
Cédric Braem – 28-year – Sint-Niklaas – assistant manager
Brigitte Craeynest – 60 years – Bruges – guide
Dominik Vandendriessche – 44 years – Elverdinge – educator
Iris Parlevliet – 33-year – Stekene, belgium – employee contact center
Lisa Wagemans – 28-year – Antwerpen – light designer
Joost Van der Hallen – a 32-year – Schilde – administrative assistant

Episode 10 on Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Daria Reps – 40 years – Beveren – logistics clerk
Ruth Thijs – 36 years – Ham – police-inspector
Sinclair Parmentier – 63-year – Grimbergen – retired
Els Bauwens – 25 years – Geraardsbergen – master in biochemistry & biotechnology
Ian Bruers – 28 years – Antwerp – IT professional
Nico Moernaut – 47-year – Mechelen – responsible building

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