’Car explodes in tourist Marbella

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Marbella Residents and tourists in Puerto Banús, the centre of nightlife in the Spanish city of Marbella Sunday night was startled by a loud banging noise. A car is detonated and destroyed by the flames.

That is to see on the many images that now through social media are shared. The Audi Q7, on the street, in the marina of Puerto Banús, is completely burned out. The emergency services were flocking to the incident.

Four occupants were according to the mayor of Marbella at a time from car fled to the flames to escape. It seems that there are no other victims.

However, there was according to the police panicked because the car is an Arabic number plate. We feared, therefore, for a terrorist attack. Puerto Banus is very popular among wealthy Arabs.

’People ran about the streets’

The 16-year-old Milan was sitting on the terrace when he got a hard bang heard. “People were all in shock and thought it was an attack,” he says to The Telegraph. “In a panic, rushed people on the streets.” According to the teen, who with his parents on vacation in Spain, there had been two explosions. “First there was one very loud bang and five minutes later there was a bang.”

The local fire brigade let them know that there is probably from the car spilled fuel burst into flames. That led to a major fire and the explosion or explosions, it seems.

Popular with the Dutch

Sources reported to The newspaper that Puerto Banús among other things popular with people with a stuffed wallet. Several CELEBRITIES would be there, currently on holiday to celebrate.

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