Boy (12) survives as the only plane crash

e68d0fa1ff10791ea72c22c2319a4ef8 - Boy (12) survives as the only plane crash

JAKARTA – In a crash with a single-engine plane in the Indonesian province of Papua are eight occupants in the accident. Only a 12-year-old boy survived the accident. Report this to the local authorities after the unit is in mountainous area was found.

The downed aircraft is a Pilatus Porter of Dimonim Air, that seven passengers and two crew on board. The unit was on the road in remote area and disappeared just before landing at Oksibil of the radar.

After a search of a day was the wreck found. When the debris hit the workers next to the bodies of the 12-year-old boy Jumaidi. He is for control to a hospital in Oksibil.

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