Bloody Taliban attack Afghan city of Ghazni

08eb16c4d56b7ba4c47e13acd6c094d1 - Bloody Taliban attack Afghan city of Ghazni

KABUL – Talibanstrijders have Sunday a massive attack carried out at the headquarters of the police and government buildings in the Afghan city of Ghazni. Dozens of soldiers and agents are to the life to come. The islamic insurgents are threatening, according to authorities and witnesses, the entire city to take.

An Afghan agent at a checkpoint on the road to Ghazni.

Us fighters gave the government forces at least four times air support, but it is unclear what has been the result. By the fierce battle that is already a few days underway, the telecom connections severely damaged.

According to a spokesperson are approximately eighty security officials were killed and an unknown number of civilians. The chief of staff of the Afghan army denied that Ghazni on fall. His men are busy the Taliban out of the city to hunt but trying to entrench in private houses.

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