At least ninety Afghan security forces killed by taliban

414c2eecf51de2b044b6a5524e2caf1d - At least ninety Afghan security forces killed by taliban

In heavy fighting with the taliban in Afghanistan in three days time, at least ninety members of the security services to the life to come.

The local headquarters of the police of the city of Ghazni on Sunday, a fire flew in battles to take control of the building. It came in three days time, less than eighty members of the security services to life.

“The situation is very dire,” says provincieraadslid Nasir Ahmad Faqiri, who adds that the police and members of the armed forces of the spionagediensten get no help from the army. The soldiers are at the borders of the city, yet no attempt is made to get closer, ” he said.

The taliban are already weeks of attacks to perform in different districts in the Ghazni province. On Friday stormed militants in the city of Ghazni from different directions. The city lies along the highway connecting the two largest cities in Afghanistan, Kabul and Kandahar, it connects. If the rebels of the city to get your hands on, that would be a huge defeat mean for the Afghan government. Saturday night would be two district centres in the province in the hands of the taliban.

The government had on Saturday made a lot of progress in their fight against the militants, and the ministry of Home Affairs had declared that the rebels at the end of the day dissipated. Sunday came, however, again to heavy fighting with the militants a large number of public institutions and safety positions in fire had been stabbed. The battles are all telecommunicatiekanalen closed, and the local television stations have their broadcasts suspended.

Storming army base

In the north of Afghanistan Sunday, then again eleven soldiers killed in the storming of a military base by talibanstrijders.

The incident took place in the Faryab province. At least twenty soldiers were injured in the attack.

The base was for months by the taliban surrounded, say local officials. In the meantime, the military has the control over the basis is recovered.

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