Americans choose a logo for their ruimteleger

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For those who dream of a real Star Wars has the campaign team of Donald Trump, a surprise: the Americans are allowed to own the logo to choose Trumps ruimteleger.

Vice-president Mike Pence announced last week the creation of a separate ruimteleger, in addition to the land-, sea -, and air force. Previously separated Russia and China and their space-operations in a separate branch of the armed forces. So can the US not be left behind.

But the announcement of Pence is somewhat premature, because the debate in the US is still not settled. Not everyone thinks it’s a good idea to place the responsibility for the space away from the Air Force.


Nevertheless, the campaign team of president Trump is already a contest for the fans of the president to the logo of the Space Force. They should disregard the whole debate about effectiveness or the cost of such a new force, according to the e-mail from Brad Parscale who Trumps herverkiezingsteam leads. They must be from the six proposals are just the most fun to choose.

‘President Trump wants to be a Ruimteleger – a groundbreaking undertaking for the future of America and the last frontier, ” he writes.


On Twitter lured the designs already a lot of commentary. Refer to the yellow lines in the logo at the top right, perhaps to the headdress of the president?

The Space Force actually has nothing to do with Mars, noticed the wetenschapsredactrice of on. Unless the president, of course, wants to declare war on the martians.

And if there is then there is Mars, then why not the sun, suggests a different twitterer. So why not do it the slogan: ‘Space Force. We’re going to kill the sun’. In the fifth proposal, middenonderaan, noticed someone even a circus tent.

All nice and well, but Brad Parscale late in his e-mail the Trump-fans in the dark or the winning logo really the uniforms of the future ruimtesoldaten will adorn, or just the odds and ends that the campaign team sells.

A grouser which therefore served basis. The announcement of Pence is ‘huge’, says Parscale in a usual trumpiaanse hyperbola.

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