Also Rupert Everett at film Festival Oostende

aeae164f531051b7e41eed7a6c76a10f - Also Rupert Everett at film Festival Oostende

Filmfestival Oostende, not only will Jean-Claude Vandamme as a guest, the British actor Rupert Everett comes along. He is on Sunday 9 september present at the film Festival of Ostend. Everett comes his new directorial debut, the film The Happy Prince promotion, where he is both a scriptwriter and director and in which he the role of Oscar Wilde’s plays. At 16h, he’s allowed his star on the ‘zeedijk’ of Ostend reveal. Previously, it was announced that Jean-Claude Van Damme to the festival, so on Sunday 9 september will undoubtedly be the place to be at the dike of Ostend, and the red carpet at Kinepolis Ostend. The Happy Prince will on Sunday evening at 17h in Belgian premiere at film Festival Oostende.

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