’112 districts to think differently about Brexit’

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LONDON – The voting population of 112 British constituencies, that in the referendum in 2016 for the Brexit were, his opinion changed. If they now again, for the choice would be made than would a majority member want to remain in the European Union. This is evident from a comprehensive examination of The Observer.

According to the paper, these findings, based on two YouGov surveys among a total of more than 15,000 people, have an impact on the parliamentary debate on Brexit later this year. By cover are now 341 of the 632 constituencies in England, Scotland and Wales in favour of ’remain’, or 53 percent.

The most spijtoptanten are found in the north and in Wales. In particular, the Labour-trailers for ’leave’ voted, they are now thinking differently about it. Many Brits came to repentance after the presentation of the Brexit-a proposal by prime minister Theresa May on July 6. Even the districts of the brexitvoorvechter Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are switched.

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