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Zulte Waregem lubricates Eupen third consecutive heavy defeat to

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Still plenty of ‘congé’ in the South-West-Flanders but no snipperdagje for the players of Zulte Waregem. They were in a scanty occupied stadium, their first victory against the moderate red lantern Eupen. Thomas Buffel showed that he is already completely at home feel to the Gaverbeek and scored twice. Hicham Faik has demonstrated that he is indeed a matchless pedaling technique and got everyone right with his third goal. With 5 to 9 is Essevee in the first peloton, Eupen is now just as dirty paper as last year.

A donkey punch is not a two times to the same stone, but in Waregem they were that lesson in the last weeks forgotten. Both on the openingsspeeldag two weeks ago against Waasland Beveren as last Saturday in Ghent, they were still fooled in the added time.

The 6 on 6 was there for the taking but Essevee appeared yesterday in a lean busy Regenboogstadion with just two dots on the kick-off. Go left Francky Dury same team from last week show up. Dury had his guys well see football and she couldn’t be blamed for. Only one wrong out of the however experienced Damien Marcq caused the equalizer in Ghent. On the basis of at least 93 images they had that match been extensively analysed and everyone at Essevee knew what he had to do against the puntenloze Eupen.

In the otherwise peaceful eastern Cantons was Claude Makélélé last week with fans already under fire. The Frenchman changed. Mulumba and Digane could start at the expense of, among others, Ockansey. Strange, because last week there was much to do about whether or not are suspended from the Eupense attacker .Ockansey had against Charleroi a blow dealt, got red, and, as anticipated, four days suspension but went in appeal. A lot of hoopla for nothing, because he would just sit on the couch.

The replacements were him, at least, not to be forgotten because Sammy Bossut saw the first half almost no ball. That was Hendrik Van Crombrugge certainly not say. Essevee put immediately to fully press forward with especially Harbaoui, Buffalo, Faik and Bongonda in the lead role. Also Davy De fauw was able to score but the captain headed just over. There was still a nice opportunity for The Peacock but had to wait until the nestor of Essevee.

Good old Buffalo

Thomas Buffel proved yesterday that he is not a afscheidstoernee busy, but definitely at least one year and who knows more, wants flames at the Gaverbeek. Harbaoui and De Pauw did the preparatory work and Buffalo to bounce back from a sharp angle dry within. Barely three minutes later it was back of that. Now with Bongonda and The fauw as informers, but with the same finisher, good old Thomas Buffalo so. For the third week in a row Essevee on lead, case was only that for the first time also to keep it.

After the rest if Ockansey still on the field and Eupen gave is not won, on the contrary even. Fortunately, keepte Bossut yesterday as attentive as in Ghent and loved Toyckawa of the aansluitingstreffer. Also Milicevic threatened but on the hour was the Eupense song completely sung. And how? Signed Hicham Faik, the Dutchman with Moroccan roots, demonstrated yesterday why everyone wild is of his pedaling technique. Bongonda turned everyone crazy and Failk and deposited the ball any good on top Of Crombrugge in goal.

Match has been played, so after an hour, and there were still a few nice examples of experienced operator Garcia , Bossut just had to intervene after a good action of Keita but Dury was the French midfielder Tardieu his first-minute treatment. Damien Marcq, now completely set free from infectious mononucleosis, placed in the slotminuut the pivotal part. 4-0, and then scored a Golden Bull Hamdi Harbaoui not even.

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