Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 32

64abac88795788910c8d443215a66849 - Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 32

Say goodbye to we of four singles this week. That is the case for “Away from you” from Sergio, Tom Waes and “Dva Vodka”, Levien with “her” and “Life” from Daniel Busser feat. Kevin.

It is “Summer on your radio” for Corina at 50. 46 we make acquaintance with the new musical collaboration of Lens & Leys, and “Rosetta”. 34 is for “Luka Luna” of K3. Laura Lynn may 30 the highest new entry with “Let your heart beat”.

Dean climbs from 13 to 10 with “Crystal”. Remain on 9 Celien and “Rhythm in me”. From 5 to 8 toggles “do not Doubt and dance with me” by Bart Peeters. 6 is 7 for Amaryllis Temmerman with “Full of beautiful dreams / world Champion”. “When you sing” by Dana Winner is one place on ahead, 7 to 6. Gene Thomas climbs with “Soleil soleil” from 8 to 5. Status quo 4 is there for “The sun” of Slongs feat. Jack Parow. David Vandyck and “I live for you” remains on the spot, keen on 3. Also “Zoutelande” Blof feat. Geike Arnaert stands firmly on 2. Thus, it remains Niels Destadsbader with “Conquer me” for a week longer the number 1!

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