Truth or dare: a woman drinks beer from a dead fish

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New York – A game of ” do, dare or truth’ can of crazy things, but drinking a beer from a dead fish, we had not previously heard. The 28-year-old Aimee Lynn was by her friends challenged to the bizarre stunt to perform, while the whole event was captured by one of the bystanders. The video appeared online and social media users will find it disgusting.

The bizarre images were recorded on a boat in the U.s. Port Washington, New York. In the clip to see that Aimee her mouth open and between the lips of the fish, a canned beer drink. After the stunt to give her friends her a high five, followed by Aimee’s statement “that was terrible.”

“If you the film look you will see that the fish is much too high keep, which I drink almost no breath more get. The most difficult was not the giggles to get,” says the 28-year-old woman to CBS News.


The film of the ’stunt’ is now more than 3.5 million views and is thousands of times shared. The American wife gets a lot of critical of Facebook users. “You’re disgusting,” writes the one and the other says “how can this be the fish in the fuck?!”

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