Sea turtle washed ashore in bar stool

2b4e7988a6e4dddbf2c2858bf45dc220 - Sea turtle washed ashore in bar stool

Walton County – A sad image on the beautiful white beach in Florida. A sea turtle was found dead in a bar stool in which the animal was stuck.

The rare Kemps-sea turtle, which is threatened with extinction, was found by strandgasten.

“The turtle got stuck and could not of themselves more free,” says volunteer Sharon Maxwell of the South Walton Turtle Watch to The Independent. The turtle was probably already dead. An exact cause of death figure is according to the organization, therefore, difficult.

Maxwell thinks that the bar stool may be from a boat is dropped or in some other way in the ocean has landed.

In the past, the Kemps sea-turtles, the smallest in the world, often caught in nets of shrimp boats. According to the World wildlife Fund are the most nets in the habitat of the Kemps-sea turtle today includes a special hatch. The turtles can be better escape.

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