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Save droid – A PR-debacle is not the end

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In April, save droid set in the context of a PR-Stunts to the defrauded investors. The PR Stunt should draw attention to the risks in the case of ICO-Investments, however, has damaged the Reputation of the company in the long term. What has been done since then with save droid?

Aaand its gone! Those three words shook in mid-April, the crypto scene. 18. April, the company disappeared save droid from the picture, a photo of Yassin Hankir, the CEO of save droid from Egypt, and a South Park image with the inscription “and its gone” made guesses to an Exit Scam.

19. April save droid appeared and said to the Public, that it was a PR Stunt to raise awareness among potential investors as to whether the risks associated with the ICO Investments. Even if this approach is completely understandable, the action is extremely negative. The first public statements by Yassin Hankir, in which this action was defended, and confirmed the negative image.

Lessons learned for safe droid and investors

In the time thereafter, the company sought to limit the damage, however, was many – for the first time, BTC-burned to the ECHO. In a conversation with BTC-ECHO Yassin Hankir expressed the obvious:

“We have self-critically reflects on our action. The result is twofold: on the one Hand, it is clear that it was the wrong way and for that we apologize aufrichtigst us. We have learned our lesson, will not repeat itself. On the other hand, we maintain our Motivation to establish higher quality standards for the ICO market. We are convinced that proactive education is the right way, in order to allow ICO-participants informed purchasing decisions and to make the market sustainable.”

The question is: Can we forgive a company after such an action?

When it comes to forgiveness, on the insistence of religious metaphors. “Is not”, “The one without sin cast the first stone” and similar phrases, it is in the normal use of language managed, and have a religious origin or not, is going to mean. The action of save droid and the first Statements by Yassin Hankir were an absolute PR debacle. However, companies continue to develop and learn from their mistakes. It apologized and invited customers to grill.

Everything so chic? Not so fast. If we are religious metaphors of effort, then you can also “Go and sin henceforth no more” and “be wise as serpents,” to quote A wise company to get a second Chance offer. To forgive does not mean forget, according to that you can keep track of open and critical approach to the further development of save droid. It is wrong to reduce a company on a PR-Stunt.

Crypto-App, AI-skills – next steps for save droid

For the purposes of this critical openness, the wisdom of the snake, can you give an Update on the project:

At the end of June, an App for the management of crypto was released-Funds. This is for Android users is already available, according to the website, you will be soon also available for the iPhone. As nice as the Usability, look, here I am, perhaps, too much of a Purist and think the “non-existent risk of losing the Private Key” is rather a positive Argument, but for easy-to-use, intuitive Asset administration is without doubt a market exists. Just newcomers have with the BYOB approach and the associated self-responsibility is often difficulties.

The field of AI-based Asset management would like to expand save droid. One idea is to develop a Portfolio optimization on the Basis of artificial intelligence, an approach known in the realm of Robo-Advisors. To do this, you could win Prof. Dr. Danko Nikolic from the MPI for Brain Research as the new Chief Data Officer. With, according to Google Scholar, a total of 86 publications, of 4,320 citations and an H-Index of 30, he is without doubt one of the experts in the field of Neuroscience, and computer science.

Stock exchange listing at HitBTC, Bancor & TIDEX

For those that have invested the time in the save droid-ICO or SVT-Token want to acquire, there are more news: the stock exchanges HitBTC, Bancor, IDEX and TIDEX, the SVD is listed tokens today evening at 20 o’clock.

You can see that a company can still have a life after a supposed Exit Scam. With a healthy skepticism and an interested openness I will follow the way of the German company.

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