Ruben Van Gucht is running Dodentocht from

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Ruben Van Gucht is Saturday morning at 8.36 pm on the finish the Dodentocht in Bornem walked. The Sporzagezicht produced his third death march to a good end, and that in a summer in which he barely had time to myself to exercise.

The past few months was Ruben Van Gucht almost constantly on the screen. What do you want with a superdrukke summer. The football world cup in Russia, the Tour de France and numerous other sports on Sporza made sure that Ruben Van Gucht barely had time to train for the 100 km Dodentocht in Bornem. He would have been this year for the eighth time to participate, and hoped that he for the third time, the finish would get. Command succeeded, and how still: Ruben Van Gucht came to the first one hundred participants across the finish line.

Five times didn’t and that had, according to Van Gucht to deal with small ailments such as stomach pain. Of Gucht was in Russia every day only one hour per day to work out, to say too little for a ultraloper but the past few weeks was the duration of the training increased. Of Gucht definitely wanted it to the finish line, and that is he succeeded. Respect, Ruben!

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