Riddle how man plane could steal

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Seattle – It’s still a mystery how a 29-year-old luchtvaartmedewerker in Seattle, a passenger could steal and thus later crashed on a small island. When the crash is the man to life. The police are going out of suicide. On the ground no casualties.

The federal authorities have launched an investigation. Other than the local police previously alleged the man was not vliegtuigmonteur but a grondsteward, says the FBI. Around 20: 00 local time, knew the man the aircraft from a hangar to drive and in the air to get. Then he flew for an hour over Seattle in which he many antics uithaalde.

The aircraft was chased by two fighter planes that, according to the police no role in the crash. “The pilots have ensured that the stolen aircraft out of the area remained dangerous places”, says the police in Pierce County, where Tacoma is one of them. “That stunt in the air or lack of flying skills led to the crash.”

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The aircraft was a Bombardier Q400 of Horizon Air, a subsidiary of Alaska Airlines, with a capacity of about seventy passengers. “We want a complete picture of exactly what happened, from unauthorized take of the aircraft and the takeoff to the crash,” said an FBI spokesman.

On Twitter are audio clips to hear the man in conversation with the control tower. From that conversation it appears that the man his flying experience has been gained through the computer and he makes a confused and desperate to impress. The air traffic controller, try the man to help with the countries, but that does not work. Eventually crashes, he on Ketron Island, where the plane a piece of wood in flames.

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The police connect that to a terrorist act. “It is a 29-year-old man from Pierce County, has committed suicide.” His identity is not yet release.

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