Rapist commits suicide in house victim

Irvine – A rapist has a few minutes after he, a young woman raped, committed suicide in the house of his victim in the Scottish town of Irvine. The 20-year-old girl injured.

The 28-year-old Nikolas Pirrie committed suicide in the house of the victim.

The victim knew after the attack to call the police. When we arrived at the house, they found the 28-year-old offender, Nikolas Pirrie, dead in a room in the house of the victim. The injured girl was rushed taken to hospital.

Pirrie was an acquaintance of the police. He dealde drugs, was often violent, used sometimes as a weapon, but didn’t have a past with sexual abuse. So reports a source to the Daily Record. The source let know that Pirrie a well-known was the victim and a single father of two children.

The police assumes that Pirrie acted alone. The 20-year-old girl who became victim of the brutal rape, a few days in the hospital.

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