Protest against women’s rights in Tunisia

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TUNIS – Hundreds of Tunisians, the street merged to protest against the regeringsplan the rights of women and gays to improve. The demonstrators, who included clerics, who gathered Saturday in front of the parliament building to express their displeasure to be expressed.

The protesters had placards with texts like ’No to change the word of God’ and ’Tunisians adhere to the teachings of islam’. Others crossed the koran in the air and condemned loudly the envisaged reforms as detrimental to the identity of the country.

A commission that was set up by president Beji Caid Essebsi came in June with proposals. Including equal rights for men and women, for example, in the distribution of an inheritance. The sharia stipulates that a son twice as much of the estate as a daughter.

It is also recommended homosexuality – a taboo subject in Arab countries – from the criminal realm. Essebsi is expected to be Monday, the bills present.

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