Mother (24) paralyzed after excessive lachgasgebruik

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Bristol – A 24-year-old British who for many years every weekend, must be open to about 15 balloons of nitrous oxide, has her addiction duration should die. The mother of a toddler now suffers from the disease of Lichtheim, which almost completely paralysed after.

Walk? Will not more. Her hands use? Doesn’t help any more. With her little son play? Forget it. “I can’t even take his shoes attract,” says Olivia Golding, that remorse comes after the sin – quite regretting her wild lifestyle.

The past three years, inhaled them every weekend an average of 15 ’servings’ of nitrous oxide, while son Parker joined his father lived, as she tells The Mirror.

“One day you walk outside with your child, the next day you can’t move”

A month ago, after a wild weekend, saw Olivia already a strange stinging sensation in her back and neck, but the link with the excessive lachgasgebruik explained they did not. “I was just nitrous oxide inhalation.”

Last week it went wrong: Olivia woke up and could not move. “One day you walk outside with your child, the next day you can’t move. In the hospital they asked if I had inhaled. Well, sure it does.”

In retrospect, she realizes that the signs were: “In the past month I got more and more numbness in my body. To myself last week, couldn’t dress up.” The cripple Olivia had to son Parker her phone, ask for the emergency services to call.

Nitrous oxide provides in the long term, a vitamin B12 deficiency, and therefore the ’sheath’ around the nerve fibers are affected. Olivia is now treated with vitamin B12, and has a chance at recovery. Since then, she has been what steps, but full recovery will – if possible – for a long time.

Her message now: stop with the inhalation of nitrous oxide. “It’s not worth it.” And be sure not to laugh.

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