Monsanto should cancer patient pay millions

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SAN FRANCISCO – Chemiereus Monsanto must pay millions to a man who the court declared that he has cancer of the glyfosaathoudende means Roundup. A jury in the Us state of California asked the man in the right, and determined the total compensation to 289 million dollars (253 million euros). Monsanto appealed.

More than a quarter of a billion, Monsanto must pay to the terminally ill Dewayne Johnson.

It is the first lawsuit surrounding the controversial herbicide Roundup. Dewayne Johnson, a former concierge in the neighborhood of San Francisco, states that he is terminally ill, is become by the use of the weed killer. His lawyer had during the plenary session, stresses the need for Monsanto to punish with a ruling that “actually changes the world.”

Against the chemiereus are still thousands of other things. Also in Europe is glyphosate under fire. The European Union decided last year, the licence of the possible cancer-causing agent with five years to renew. That decision is also based on the judgment of the European voedselveiligheidwaakhond EFSA that the agent is not carcinogenic.

The 46-year-old Johnson used Roundup thirty times per year. According to his lawyer was Monsanto is aware of the risk of cancer, but, the company kept that information to aware behind. The chemiereus claims that it cannot be established that the cancer is caused by the pesticide.

Johnson’s case was accelerated is treated because of his health. He suffers from a rare form of lymfklierkanker. Doctors say that he has not long to live.

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