Merkel supports Spain in migrantenpolitiek

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SANLÚCAR DE BARRAMEDA – Germany is supporting the efforts of Spain to supply the influx of refugees from Morocco, Europe enters in to the dams. German chancellor Angela Merkel said Saturday in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain has the lead in the negotiations with the North African country about possible solutions.

The Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez said that Morocco is in the abandoned feel by the EU, and to insist on more financial help, especially since the arrival of migrants for social tensions. The government estimates that there are currently about 18.000 around. According to the socialist Sánchez could be Morocco as the sufficient help will “play a key role in the regulation of the migrantenstroom.”

Merkel stressed that for success consultation is required with the transitielanden and the countries of origin. “We should not over Africa talk but with Africa.” The chancellor dodged the question of whether Spain migrants must stop to Germany want. They said only that the Dublin regulation, which stipulates that an asylum seeker must register in the EU country of arrival, still not working as it was intended.

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