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McLaren warns Vandoorne: “You must be Alonso often beat”

ac6dd5eb68846d093a01d40796ab2e37 - McLaren warns Vandoorne: "You must be Alonso often beat"

McLaren want that Stoffel Vandoorne’s teammate Fernando Alonso is more likely to beat, to make it easier about the future of the Belgian people to decide.

Since finished his debut season has Stoffel Vandoorne had trouble to make a good impression in the Formula 1. So far the Belgian this year, a total of eight points compared to four for Alonso.

Vandoorne is also under pressure for his seat at McLaren to secure for next season. McLaren has openly her interest in Carlos Sainz, who now has a Renault true, but by Ricciardo will be replaced. Furthermore, Lando Norris also to jump to his first F1-season to drive.

“I would not say that we are disappointed in Stoffel,” says McLaren CEO Zak Brown. “But you want him more his teammate to see defeat. That is so in every situation. You want to prefer to stick with the weekends divided between the riders.”

“Stoffel did that on a regular basis not to do so, but I would not say that we are disappointed. We know that We have him last year in a difficult situation brought, and that we see him this year, not an easy car. He knows then also to those situations.”

“We all believe that Stoffel fantastic work, but we would like that he often Fernando’s right,” says Brown.

McLaren has a difference between the wind tunnel and the real performance on the job, often makes them the Friday sacrifice to experiment. According to Gil de Ferran, sporting director at McLaren, means that the situation of Vandoorne does not improve.

“We tried to find out how we had with the car to the problems with the car to resolve,” says de Ferran. “This is the car easy to drive, but we change too many parts in a very short time.”

“That is for both drivers to be very difficult to deal with. His experience will help Fernando a lot to better to go.”

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