Massabetoging in Tel Aviv against controversial law on ‘Jewish nation-state’

In the centre of Tel Aviv Saturday night, tens of thousands of people on the street came to protest against the controversial law in which Israel is described as ” the nation state of the Jewish people’. Most of the protesters were part of the Arab minority. It is already the second Saturday in a row that is against the law is manifested.

The law in which Israel is described as the ” nation state of the Jewish people’ was last month approved. The law puts an end to the equal status of Arabic and Hebrew, and makes that last language is the only official in Israel. Also the “whole and united” Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, as defined. There is also a provision included that states that the promotion of jewish settlements in the national interest.

The population of Israel consists, however, for a small 20 per cent of Israeli Arabs. They are descendants of Palestinians on their land continued when Israel was founded in 1948. They feel treated as second-class citizens, and complain long about discrimination in terms of education, health and housing.

Some protesters carried Palestinian flags and there were banners with ‘apartheid’. Prime minister Netanyahu posted already a video about the demonstration on his Facebook page, in which he claimed ‘that there is no better proof of the necessity of the law on the jewish nation-state. We will have our Israeli flag and our national anthem proudly continue to use’.

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