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Marten Van Riel delivers Belgian Hammers a bronze medal: “more Beautiful than individually bronze”

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From left to right.: Marten Van Riel, Jelle Geens, Claire Michel and Valerie Barthelemy

Belgium has in Glasgow again a medal was conquered. In the mixed relay triathlon was the Belgian four – Claire Michel, Jelle Geens, Valerie Barthelemy and Marten Van Riel – handsome third. Van Riel, filled his individual bronze medal with a second medals at their home race. The Belgian Hammers are hoping to qualify for the Games in Tokyo.

Claire Michel, Jelle Geens and Valerie Barthelemy took care of the preparatory work, but it was Acquisition for Marten Van Riel, that the crown on the work was to convert. From fourth position, ran Van Riel onbedreigd and determined to be a third place, France and Switzerland remained unfortunately out of shot.

But the Belgians were more than happy with the bronze medal. “This medal is nicer than my individual medal yesterday,” said ‘matchwinnaar’ Marten Van Riel. “This medal is one of the team, that has so much more value.”

Everything revolved around Van Riel. The Loenhoutenaar to cope with a foot injury. “Nobody has to push me laid, I should decide”, she said. “I have decided to join because I knew that without me, not likely. Other countries can already, someone let rest without quality sacrificing. We have two good men and two good women, the gap with the rest is unfortunately too large. But it was totally worth it. Even the fact that we have a game of the World Series were missing, we found not so bad.”

Van Riel will now need two weeks of rest but that bothers him not. Just as the him and Jelle Geens bothered that she is an American stage especially for these contests had interrupted. “We were sure about,” said Geens. “This format is olympic size and to be placed directly for the Games in Tokyo, you must top eight of the world are. We were tenth and collect again a lot of points. The other points we need to gather at the world cups where we all four are present will need. Who is the top eight, still has a second chance via a test event.”

One thing wanted to the four still lost. “Call us now but the Belgian Hammers. The last thing coach Nick Baelus for every game says is ‘Hammer Down’. Hence, we will from now on as the Belgian Hammers life and want to go.”

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