“Man that plane stall and crashed, everyone is in danger.”

The mechanic in Seattle for a blank airliner hijacked, there are some tricks with it and then crashed, it had much more damage, says Luc De Wilde on Radio 1.

“This had a lot worse can happen.’ Luchtvaartspecialist Luc De Wilde did not hesitate when Radio 1 him early Sunday morning what the hazards of the incident in the airport of Seattle. ‘It was such a wild action, that the man undoubtedly other aircraft in danger. It is also not a sportvliegtuigje, hey. This man has, in fact, everyone is in danger.”

How the 29-year-old mechanic, who, without permission, took off, with an airliner, there are a few loop-the-loops with it and then crashed, up in the cockpit hit, is also The Wild a riddle. ‘Airports are very well secured and aircraft are certainly not just accessible. The man must have not only worked at the airport, but also in one way or another in the unit and then into the cockpit of the helicopter have been hit. That is exceptionally.


That the man on the plane then on the talk was given, is not obvious given the complex sequence of actions that a pilot must perform before the aircraft is still moving”.

Just after the man, without permission, took off, rose straight fighter planes to intercept. That did not work. “It is also not easy to someone who has no control over a phone intercept,” says De Wilde. ‘Usually they try the situation first to estimate by getting in touch with the pilot. A plane under pressure to land safely, is much harder.’

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