Man hijacks empty passenger jet and crashes

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All flights at the international airport of Seattle-Tacoma are for a time suspended. A man had an airliner stolen, and ascended. The aircraft was intercepted by a military fighter aircraft and collapsed a few minutes later, down.

In the state of Washington, is an aircraft without passengers crashed after it was taken off without permission. That report, the American aviation authorities. The plane took off from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and crashed south of Washington.

According to the specialized site Aeronautics hijacked the pilot a Q400 Alaska Airlines. The aircraft was intercepted by military fighter aircraft. The pilot ignored orders to land, and crashed in the sea.

“It’s not about a terrorist act, but rather to a runaway stunt or a desperate act’, it sounds to BBC.

Anyone with questions about suicide, can anonymously contact the Zelfmoordlijn on the toll-free number 1813 or

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