Launch Parker Solar Probe day postponed

4097332656e59acd45de54c484698603 - Launch Parker Solar Probe day postponed

CAPE CANAVERAL – The launch of the spacecraft Parker Solar Probe is Saturday at the last moment abandoned. When the preparations are irregularities in the dates of the launch found. Sunday is going to NASA to re-attempt the probe to launch. The scheduled time is 9.31 pm (Dutch time).

The Parker Solar Probe will study the sun and the solar wind. The Parker is built to temperatures of 1400 degrees Celsius to resist. The radiation at the destination is about 500 times as bright as at earth. A special shield the probe against it to protect.

The probe goes over the next seven years of oval orbits around the sun. At the closest point is the Parker 6 million kilometers from the sun. The Parker is named after the now 91-year-old scientist Eugene N. Parker in the fifties, the concept of the solar wind developed.

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