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KV Mechelen on match day two not further than a draw

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Roeselare and KV Mechelen have Saturday on the second day, in the Proximus League, the points shared. KV Mechelen took an early deficit through goals from Clément Tainmont and Igor de Camargo, but Thibaut Van Acker dragged a quarter of an hour for the time a point out of the fire for the West-Flemish people. KV Mechelen, after the 2-2 tie with a 2 on 6.

After a long summer break didn Schiervelde not have to wait long for the first goal of the new season: the Curaçaoër Gino van Kessel scored already after five minutes the openingsdoelpunt. KV Mechelen was surprised and had a while of searching for a new approach. Roeselare remained the dominant team, but KV Mechelen showed to be more efficient: in the 34th minute scored Clément Tainmont at the end.

KV Mechelen took the reins after the coffee on and gathered there, a second goal from: Igor de Camargo slipped the ball in from Nikola Storm in the 68th minute tidy inside, 1-2 for the degradant of last season. Barely six minutes later dampened Thibaut Van Acker with his 2-2 Mechelen joy. Both teams took another initiative to set up a third goal to make and had very little free space, but 2-2 was the final score.

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