Heart-warming: Novel (2) dog his first steps, see

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Overland Park – The 2-year-old Roman Dinkel steals the hearts of people from all over the world. A movie in which the endearing Novel, walking with crutches, his first steps, lets see to his dog Maggie is a viral gone. “Look, Maggie! I walk, Maggie!”

The 2-year-old Novel.

The mother of Roman, Whitney Dinkel, tells ABC News that her son is everyone’s best friend. “He would make even the most grumpy people can make you laugh,” says the proud mother.

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The Dinkel family living with three children in the U.s. city of Overland Park in the state of Kansas. When Whitney twenty weeks pregnant with Roman, he was diagnosed with spina bifida, an ’open back’. While the Novel is still in the womb was, he underwent a surgery that was intended to be the ability to independently take a breath and to move, after birth to improve.

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“Before he was born, we were told that there was a chance it would be that Roman would never be able to walk,” said the father of the boy. “We were scared and confused. You can treat all of your children the best in life.”


Novel continued this week his first independent steps with his crutches. To do this, he could only move forward with the help of a slider. “He is a warrior,” says papa Dinkel.

Roman and his slider.

The adventures of Roman and his family will be tracked on a Facebook page called ’Defying the Odds: Roman’s Journey’. The videos and photos to create a lot of emotions in people that the page to follow. He has our hearts, in any case, stolen.

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