Erdogan threatens US with rupture alliance

32621867b5f72284c6fb15cd4c7d6568 - Erdogan threatens US with rupture alliance

WASHINGTON/ANKARA – In the conflict with the United States threatens the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the NATO-partner with a fracture. If Americans are so disrespectful, then they will be his government’s “new friends and allies.” Erdogan gave the warning in a reader’s contribution in the New York Times.

The resentment between the U.S. and Turkey has serious consequences for the Turkish economy. The national currency lira against the dollar and euro is becoming worth less and less. Spiritual leaders form the focal point of the twist. Washington is demanding the release of pastor Andrew Brunson, who in Turkey is suspected of terrorist activities and put under house arrest.

“Shame, shame. They give the preference to a preacher over a strategic NATO partner,” grumbled Erdogan Saturday during a partijbijeenkomst in Rize on the Black Sea.

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