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EOS (EOS/USD) exchange rate analysis KW32 – A Chance to get in?

38b07ac162b401d3f75cbff835ea442d - EOS (EOS/USD) exchange rate analysis KW32 – A Chance to get in?


The chart image of the EOS is significantly different from other Altcoins. With the current downward movement of the EOS-rate controls in an interesting area that is worth a closer look.

The review of the EOS is the well-known “High in January 2017, and then …”. The EOS-rate has made it to the to defy the overall market and to generate at the end of April 2018 to an all-time high at 23,03 US Dollar. Since then, can’t escape but also this Coin the downward spiral, and currently he is in 5,56 US Dollar, representing a loss of 76%.

In the medium term, a clear “Short candidate is on the part of the indicators EOS for 14 dollars”. The little between the rest, starting from US $ 6.50, was not even strong enough to push the rate to the lower edge of the cloud of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator. With the breakout from the triangle, another sell signal was generated.

Bullish Version:

The current rate of loss of the support around the US $ 5-brand offers the perfect start. The breakout from the triangle was a rule-compliant and has reached his ideal goal. The EOS course can complete a ground training animals. Courses on 7,67 US Dollar associated with an increase in the cross resistance. The confirmation that this can be left behind, comes with the courses 7,90 dollars. The 78,60% Fibonacci-Retracement back to Robert. A rate increase of about 9,40 US Dollar overcomes the cloud of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator.

  1. 11,50 US dollars
  2. $ 25
  3. 15,22 dollars

Bearish Version:

The area around the 5 US-Dollar brand is only a recreation, and can only be short-term. A significant slipping under the US $ 5 mark unlocks the target on the bottom of 4.08 dollars. This Zone can not be used, the $ 2.81. A confirmation of this objective is to be seen in rates under 3,78 dollars.


EOS, a chart offers the image that advertises virtually for a Long entry. Potential on the top is sufficient. The EOS-the course has already shown the last months, such as Long setup despite a weak environment can look like. However, never Attack in a falling knife. A defensive position, the opening need only once a reversal. After such, everyone should keep in his “favorite time frame is” on the look-out to find the best entry.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

Images on the Basis of data from at 12:40 PM on 03. August created. USD/EUR exchange rate at the time of writing: € 0.87.

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