Employee hijacks and crashes airplane Seattle

a2e19068d3aa4ffda8c77d5cc8807ef4 - Employee hijacks and crashes airplane Seattle

SEATTLE – At the airport of the American city of Seattle is a luchtvaartmedewerker gone away with a passenger and there is not a lot of trouble later on crashed. Onboard the aircraft were, according to the airport, not people.

Sea-Tac Airport confirms that an employee is unauthorized has taken off and that the plane in the water is crashed. It was going to be a Bombardier Q400 probably Alaska Airlines, with a capacity of about seventy passengers. Also the airline does not think that there are other people in the plane were.

The American aviation authorities (FAA) can still nothing to confirm. “We try to provide accurate information about what really is going on. Without something to confirm, it would be a stolen plane a safety problem”, reads the statement of the FAA on Fox News.

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