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EK GLASGOW. Belgian BMX men out despite the support of Stig Broeckx

c9e68f4f25f8f958cfc42c6325035bd4 - EK GLASGOW. Belgian BMX men out despite the support of Stig Broeckx

The Belgian BMX-ers Mathijs Verhoeven (21) and Ruben Gommers (20) were at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Glasgow turned off in the 1/8th finals. They were classified in the same series. Of the eight riders, four by. Verhoeven was fifth, Gommers crashed.

“It was fucked, for me it made the Watch Babris a maneuver. I didn’t want brakes and through the board I came across at val. I had expected more, and was surely the semi-final, or even the semi-finals. But this is bmx hey, it can be so over. But I don’t give up. I broke all three times my collarbone three times already. There is a plate with ten screws in after a fall at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Zolder. I thought aanstoppen but on the way to the hospital, I wanted all as quickly as possible and sit on the bike.”

Mathijs Verhoeven was fifth and is also out. “By that fall, I came in last position and was the calf drowned. But I keep trying. Tokyo 2020 is the goal and if that is not the Paris bid for the 2024 games.”

He was disappointed, but showed to the assembled press however, his armlet with the inscription Fight for Stig, in support of Stig Broeckx, the unfortunate rider of Lotto-Soudal, who two years ago heavy fall came ind e Tour of Belgium and is still recovering. “You know, all athletes have an idol. Eden Hazard or so. But to me, that is Stig, my villager from Dessel. We are last week, together for something to eat. How he deals with his situation and terugvecht, that is incredible. Amazing how far he already is. I am sure that he has looked, because he sent me yesterday a text message to be a success.”

The top 4 of each of the five series in the eighth-finals reached the quarter-finals. Which are, like all other stages of the BMX competition, later Saturday on the schedule. Friday killed Elias Verbinnen, Marnicq Janssens and Wouter Segers in the series. For the women, Each supercross world cup is still in the running for the European title. The former European champion and olympic finalist works later on Saturday (12u40) in the semi-finals.

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