Demonstration in Romania is completely out of hand: hundreds of wounded

Tens of thousands of Romanians marched Friday in several cities to the streets against the social-liberal government. Alone in the capital, Bucharest, was, according to news agency agency mediafax sure to 20.000 demonstrators. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the government that, in their opinion, corruption in the hand.

Also in other cities around the country gathered thousands of demonstrators. In Cluj-Napoca went according to agency mediafax to ten thousand demonstrators, in Sibiu to five thousand, in Brasov, to two thousand and in Timisoara to two thousand. They expressed their dissatisfaction over the social democrats (PSD), which the government of Viorica Dancila dominate.

Especially in the capital city Bucharest were ontaardden the demonstrations in battles with the politeie, who used tear gas and water cannons to fly to the angry masses. The news agency Agerpres reports that during that confrontation, about 440 people were injured, including 24 police officers. Dozens of demonstrators have been arrested.

Guest workers

The were Romanian guest workers that this time the demonstrations had called. They are currently on holiday in their country. Through social networks, they spoke. The protests against the government by the social democrat-led, last for months. Critics accuse them that they steadily try the corruptiewetgeving to weaken. Also they would be the work of the court to undermine.

At the beginning of July sent the government the leading special prosecutor Laura Kövesi the avenue. They had several politicians accused of corruption and leave sentencing to a prison sentence.

The mighty PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, for example, that the strings would pull out of Dancila, which is his hand puppet, not a prime minister more. He has been sentenced for electoral fraud. He is also in first instance sentenced for incitement to abuse of office.

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