Cynthia Reekmans to the theatre

d11b2a595fd50d7b95f02788aac582be - Cynthia Reekmans to the theatre

A surprise voice. Theater The Roxy in Sint-Truiden picks up in the spring of 2019 with Taxi Taxi. And they have a very bijzonde actress for the poster to know to tie. The Limburg presenter Cynthia Reekmans will be from may 10, 2019 on the stage to stand next to Gunter Reniers and Hilde Gijsbrechts. Under the motto: “Oh dear, I really do,” and with the telling #oudepassie and #deheksvanmechelenisback announced Cynthia, this piece of news via the social media.

Text: Bart Liekens

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