Court U.S. condemns ‘evil’ Monsanto to fine of millions of euros

259a8e8f8cb11d83d13ad96054690375 - Court U.S. condemns ‘evil’ Monsanto to fine of millions of euros

The jury of the district court in San Francisco has the American agrochemiereus Monsanto sentenced to a fine of 290 million euros after a gardener, the company had been sued.

The 46-year-old gardener Dewayne Johnson had Monsanto sued because he was a non-Hodgskin-lymphoma (a rare form of lymphoma) received in 2014, which is linked to the long history of safe use of Roundup, a weed killer. The man is now terminally ill.

According to the jury, the court warned Monsanto is insufficient for the hazards of the pesticide. ‘The company is, therefore, maliciously’, concluded the jury. It would also weed killer Roundup and its professional version RangerPro ‘significantly’ contributed to the illness of the gardener.

Bought by Bayer

Monsanto is only bought by the German Bayer, which announced that the name would disappear. The name Monsanto is dragging a such bad reputation that the collection of the most logical option.

That the company such a bad name, don’t have to wonder. Not only does Monsanto’s Roundup, the glyphosate-containing weed killer of which the sale to private individuals in Belgium is forbidden because of possible adverse effects on human health. Monsanto is also known of genetically engineered crops (so that they are resistant to Roundup, ed.), received criticism about the patenting of seeds and would be farmers in a dependence on force.

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