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LONDON – A Briton who is accidentally a woman’s throat cut off during a sex game, is sentenced to a term of imprisonment of six years. The judge accused the 24-year-old Jason Gaskell aware of the victim’s life in danger to come, message the BBC.

The man has had intercourse with a knife caught and a carotid artery because of the 21-year-old Laura Huteson. She died of blood loss. The two had each other earlier in the day met and were after the booze and cocaine together in bed landed. This was Gaskell expressed his violent fantasy.

The judge stated that the man more often knives are used in bed, that he then, for example, against the throat crowds of his bedpartners. ,,You saved, therefore a knife under your pillow,” said the magistrate. The mother of the victim accused the man her family to have been destroyed. They would hardly be able to eat or sleep.

Gaskell has the next of kin of the wife apologized. He said himself responsible for the events that ended in this terrible situation”.

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