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Belgian Tornados give Belgium a second gold medal in 4x400m relay

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It may not be for Belgium. After Nafi Thiam bezorgdende Belgian Tornados our country a second gold medal in the 4×400 metres. The three brothers Borlée, complemented with highly talented Jonathan Sacoor left the opposition with no chance of a chance, despite the unexpectedly strong opposition from Spain.

Coach Jacques Borlée has opted for Dylan Borlée as startloper. The youngest of the Borlées had to stick to pass on to the bronze medal Jonathan Borlée, followed by Jonathan Sacoor, the world champion in the juniors. Silver medallist Kevin Borlée had to try the job permanently done in the benefit of the Belgians. With both the silver and bronze medal from the individual 400 metres in the squad, supplemented with the world champion in the juniors, Jonathan Sacoor, were the Belgians are the clear favourites, though Britain is certainly not to be underestimated.

Dylan Borlée did as he was expected, Johnathan, came fourth to the cord and gave, after a strong last straight line of the stick-as second by Sacoor, behind the surprising Spaniards. Sacoor did what was expected but the Spaniards kept surprising position. Kevin Borlée was still a tough job for the choosing, but in the last straight line did the Belgian star as he was expected, and he guided the Belgians to gold with a brilliant time under three minutes: 2’59”47.

Bouchiki on sigh of bronze

Earlier in the evening was the five-kilometre run with three Belgian participants. Isaac Kimeli had a long time view on a bronze medal but was in the last straight line was passed by two competitors. Kimeli finished in fifth place, the gold went to 17-year-old Norwegian phenomenon Jacob Ingebritsen. The Norwegian picked up the day after his gold medal in the 1500 metres now also the gold on the five miles, for his older brother Hendrik.

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