Bayer: ‘Condemnation Monsanto for cancer gardener goes against scientific research’

cf5b04a5f44507c88bdc704fb1decc4e - Bayer: ‘Condemnation Monsanto for cancer gardener goes against scientific research’

Bayer is in appeal against the judgment of a U.s. court, Monsanto – recently in the hands of the German chemiereus – sentenced to a fine of millions of euros because a gardener had cancer after the use of the controversial pesticide Roundup.

The jury of the district court in San Francisco, Monsanto has been sentenced to a fine of 290 million dollars after a gardener, the company had been sued. The man used to years of the controversial weed killer Roundup, and is now terminally ill.

‘This sentence is in contradiction with the scientific findings that there was no relation between the use of glyphosate, and the non-hodgkinlymfoom (the rare form of cancer to which the gardener suffers, ed.)’, responding, the German chemical giant Bayer. The company had already been able to appeal against the judgment.

Bayer in June the acquisition of Monsanto completed, for an amount of 63 billion dollars (53,6 billion euro). The integration of Monsanto within the Bayer group is, however, not yet started, since this is still the last knot must be cut.


About the use of glyphosate, there is already controversy. So, the world health organization in 2015, it is known that glyphosate is likely carcinogenic for humans, while the European Voedselveiligheidsagentschap and the European Agency for chemical substances found that no link can be established between glyphosate and cancer. On top of that scientific uncertainty hit last year announced that Monsanto, the scientific studies of glyphosate was trying to influence.

In our country is Roundup since July forbidden for individuals. Only professionals such as farmers and landscapers are allowed to use products based on glyphosate or other substances that may be carcinogenic.

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