Already nearly 400 dead and more than 13,000 injured after earthquake in Indonesia

The death toll of the earthquake on the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok last weekend, is now already risen to 387. Reports that the national rampenbeheeragentschap BNPB Saturday.

Friday there was still confusion about the official number of victims. The Indonesian minister of Security spoke of 319 deaths, the rampenbeheeragentschap kept it at 259. Saturday shows that the number of deaths actually increased to more than 300.

In addition to the 387 dead, are also almost 13.700 people injured, and had to 397.000 people out of their homes to leave.

Under the rubble

‘The number of victims will increase, as there are still victims were buried by mudslides or under the rubble of buildings’, according to BNPB spokesman Sutopo Nugroho.

On Lombok in a short time, three major earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks. The latest earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.2, dating back to Thursday.


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