Again, massive protests in Romania

8cda4b210dcdb2864b9c0d5d0f39ac53 - Again, massive protests in Romania

BUCHAREST – Romanians are also Saturday, flocking the street, merged with the capital Bucharest and in other cities to protest against corruption and the resignation of the socialist cabinet. There were, however, less than Friday, when an estimated 100,000 protesters on the streets were.

Now gathered about 40,000 angry people for the government. The protest was peaceful. A day earlier drove the riot police the crowd apart with tear gas and water cannons. Hundreds of persons had medical care.

Except in Bucharest gave protesters in Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov, Timisoara and Iasi show their displeasure about the government. That is accused of bribery, political tampering and attempts corruptiegevallen from the criminal realm.

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