Wolves busy on the rise in the Netherlands

67234b4e5ed1685146878bd4d6a2d2d6 - Wolves busy on the rise in the Netherlands

The number of sheep this year in the Netherlands by wolves is killed, is already substantially higher than in recent years. This year, there are already 134 sheep killed by a wolf, compared to 21 last year.

That is according to figures from the knowledge and advice centre BIJ12/fauna fund. Four dead sheep DNA research have to determine whether a wolf is indeed the culprit was.

The handling of damages that wolves cause by the provinces outsourced to the BIJ12/fauna fund. Last year was more than 10,000 euros paid out to sheep farms. This year is the amount, as yet on a small 15,000 euros. For a considerable number of sheep has yet to be determined on how much compensation their owners are entitled.

In 2016, there were reports, however, research came to be established that wolves have nothing to do with the dead animals. In 2015, the year that the wolf, after more than 150 years of absence, again for the first time in the Netherlands, arose, appeared eight sheep killed by a wolf. This was 1.515 euro paid.

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