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View of ‘Grip’, the new single by Bazart

df944c798dcf8cba96ca9f6079323717 - View of ‘Grip’, the new single by Bazart

They teasden him for a few days on their Instagrampagina, but now he is there: “Grip (embrace me)” is the new single of Bazart.

Since their passage in the Sportpaleis in antwerp at the end of last year held Bazart is relatively quiet – their last achievement was a remix by The Subs of their single ‘Voodoo’. Not that the trio subsequently silent Saturday: guitarist Simon Nuytten doekte his side project Felix Pallas, keyboardist Oliver Symons looked a picture in his sideline Warhola, and together they wrote a sequel for their debut album Echo.

Now put the band back into the head above the water with a new single, ‘Grip (embrace me)”. The song, with a clip directed by the West Flemish rapper Brihang, since today to listen to on Spotify and YouTube, and was presented on – how could it be otherwise – Studio Brussels.

There described singer Mathieu Terryn the single as ‘the ideal cruisenummer’ for in the car, and indicative of the sound of their new album: ‘the music is lighter and happier’. Bazart seems so to expand on the road that smashed was with the ‘Voodoo’remix: ‘Grip’ revolves around a familiar hook with distorted keys. And also the enigmatic texts of the party: ‘Please remember me something longer/ hold me until I no longer am who I ever was’, fleemt Terryn.

The new album is according to the band, as well as canned, and is scheduled for 21 september. A month later, Bazart, the successor of Echo in the Antwerp Sportpaleis – the second time that Terryn and co the arena plans to fill. But on Pukkelpop (18/8) can a taste be expected: on Saturday, the band on the main stage.

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