U.s. judge prohibits insecticide chloorpyrifos

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SEATTLE – The federal court of appeal in Seattle, the American environmental agency EPA instructed the widely used insecticide chloorpyrifos to prohibit. Two of the three judges were of the opinion that a decision of the former EPA boss Scott Pruitt should be reversed.

Scott Pruitt showed the use of chloorpyrifos.

By Donald Trump appointed and dismissed Pruitt explained in march 2018 a petition beside of environmental protection organisations to the offending drug on the black list, if it is in the food chain. Farmers convert the like for the protection of their fruits, vegetables and notenoogst.

“This shows that EPA and the science that these pesticides on the brain of children can cause damage to not just ignore,” said Marisa Ordonia, the lawyer of the injured party. Chloorpyrifos is already heavily contested. Pruitt did it anyway because he, like Trump wanted rid of too much regulation.

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