Two Germans in pretrial after flood camping in France

d64acd179e78550b34afa2ac119adaa4 - Two Germans in pretrial after flood camping in France

In a camping in the South of france Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas were Thursday 126 young people evacuated due to floods. The chairman and vice-chairman of the field on Friday in pretrial taken.

The two men are president and vice-president of an association from the German Leverkusen. That association is the owner of a campsite in the South of france Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas.

There is an investigation for ” involuntary injury and endangering the life of others’. A 75-year-old German who the young people are guided, is still missing.

‘The mayor called the officers of the association, stepped even go to court, and in the 48 hours before the drama were the leaders once again highlighted the danger to stay there due to the possible rising waters, ” says the attorney. According to Maurel, there is a lot of concern about the fate of the 75-year-old companion. ‘When he is dead is found, the research will also focus on involuntary manslaughter.’

The municipality of Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas has since last year a dispute with the club from Leverkusen. Who is accused of not have to comply with the urban plans.


The French department of Gard got Thursday to deal with heavy storm and heavy rainfall. The river Ardèche trad therefore, outside of its banks. The campsite where the group of German young people stayed, lies along that river. The site has not been authorized by the local prefecture. According to prosecutor Eric Maurel he is ‘in flood zone’.

Except the Gard were also the departments of Drôme and Ardèche Thursday, buffeted by the storm. In total, around 1,600 people, especially campers, evacuated. Five adults and five young people were brought to the hospital with minor injuries, or chills.

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