Treatment goes wrong: woman loses eyebrow by mask

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Franklin – A woman from the American state of Kentucky, there is a nasty way found out, that you for the use of a product is always good, the instructions should read. She pulled her whole eyebrow off her face, after they are a ’peel off mask’ was not lubricated. A movie in which the woman the mask of her face, pulls now the whole internet about it.

Dayanara Mendivil tested a new charcoal mask that her niece had received. Without read the instructions she used it the black stuff on her face. When it was time to mask off the door, realized Dayanara is that she has a big error had been made. The black mask was stuck to all of her wenkbrauwharen.

Her niece Amber filmed the tragic moment that Dayanara her eyebrow of her face attracts. A photo shows that the eyebrow – in its entirety – is peeled off of the face. “We did not expect that they in addition to a facial also a waxbeurt would get,” says Amber at the Daily Mail.

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