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Thiam ready for an appointment with history: the 800 meters European title

a24598c888def5442825a3bd8066019b - Thiam ready for an appointment with history: the 800 meters European title

Day 2 in the decathlon turned out to be a captivating duel between Nafi Thiam and the British Katarina Johnson-Thompson. Thiam had after the first day, 87 points behind. Johnson-Thompson increased in the long jump to 113 points. But with again a great roll on the ultimate moment, bow Thiam that in the javelin to move to a lead of 192 points.

Discipline 6: Great throw in the javelin

The 23-year-old Thiam, went as a leader the final 800 metres, and that due to excellent performance in the javelin, with a throw of 57m91 her second best performance ever born. Only at the prestigious meeting of last year in Götzis she did with 59m32 better. That gave Thiam in Berlin the victory in the javelin on and 1014 points, which they Katarina Johnson-Thompson back to the second place referred. The British surrendered yet not quickly won and placed at her first attempt 42m16 on the tables, a personal record. It was only pressure by Thiam, in her next two attempts, knew Johnson-Thompson not to do better, which she concluded with 709 points. Hanne Maudens scored with a throw of 38m40 637 points, Noor Vidts came with her broken finger with a roll of 24m81 no further than 379 points.

In the stand came Thiam as with 5984 points in the lead, 192 points more than the British (5792 points). Our compatriot may be so converted about thirteen seconds, losing out on the 800 metres, not always her strongest part, but it would still be more than enough to the British to keep in the position as the grand slam. After the olympic games and the world title is our compatriot in Berlin on the way to the European title. Maudens with 5174 points in the fourteenth place, Vidts is with 4729 points 25th.

Discipline 5: Damage is limited in the long jump

The two hoofdrolspeelsters started at 10: 50 am, right on their second day. Johnson-Thompson began with an excellent first attempt 6.44 m. Thiam answered immediately with 6,45 meters. Not so far removed from her record of 6,62 m this year in Götzis jump. In attempt 2 and got both of them out with very far jumps, but they were both of a red flag. On the last jump put Johnson-Thompson 6,68 meters (1066 points) down, but also Thiam improved under pressure into a strong 6,60 metres (1040).

Johnson-Thompson was in theory the better verspringster. Thiam gave Thursday that for her the crucial number would be. Its backlog increased to 113 points, but the damage was limited.

Discipline 4: the Leadership lost in the 200 metres

Thiam closed day 1 with 24,81 s (904 points) in the 200 metres. Above her record of 24,40, but not a bad time. Her competitor Johnson-Thompson put up a strong 22,89 down (1090 points). Thiam (3930 points) must the lead again to give it to the British (4017 points).

Discipline 3: Personal record in the shot put

Thiam began the shot put with as much as 50 points behind Johnson-Thompson. But in the shot put, she is much stronger than its British competitor, so this was the chance to points to make. With her first attempt came she was already a very solid 14,81 meters. The leadership position after this trial was already as good as inside, as Johnson-Thompson opened with 12,59 metres. In her third attempt threw Thiam even set a personal record of 15,35 m (884 points). Johnson-Thompson came to 13.09 m. Thiam came as the lead in the internet with 3026 points. arch the gap to 100 points ahead.

Discipline 2: Disappointment in the high jump

The biggest disappointment in Berlin came in the high jump. Thiam failed in her lievelingsonderdeel three times in 1m94. Earlier this year, sharpness, her world record still to 2m01. She won the trial, however, ex aequo with the Uk’s Katerina Johnson-Thompson, but could not get away from her competitor. In the standings of the internet led Johnson-Thompson after two trials with 2193 points. They will be followed by Thiam (2142 pts) and the Czech Katerina Cachova (2122).

Discipline 1: Bad start in the 100m hurdles

The world and olympic champion in the zevenkamp started her european CHAMPIONSHIPS on Thursday with a time of 13.69 in the 100m hurdles, more than two tenths over her best seizoenschrono (13.45). They klokte this is the fourteenth time. A disappointment.

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