Sunny, nostalgic stories in new talk show “The zomert’

c03993119077329800434dcee5cda0fa - Sunny, nostalgic stories in new talk show "The zomert'

From Monday 13 August to start the new sunny talk show “The zomert’ with Bruno Wyndaele as a host. For three weeks, he receives every evening, one guest with whom he stopped in the summers of the past and the present.

He takes the time to his guest to talk, to the life, of thinking as anyone that on a beautiful summer evening ever. From an idyllic location in Flanders, lifting the glass on the year that has been and they look forward to what is to come. A band with Isolde Lasoen, and Patrick Riguelle provides the ideal soundtrack and the ultimate zomergevoel.

Dina Tersago, Karen Damen, Bart Peeters, Jani Kazaltzis, Tine Levels, Fatma Taspinar, Imke Courtois, Alex Agnew, Leen Dendievel and Dieter Coppens take the time for a good conversation. What were they doing during the holidays which never seemed to take? How do they feel today the summer, where they are in their lives and what brings the new year? Everyone is allowed one special guest invite: someone where he or she has a special relationship with, or who deserves to even be on tv.

Each week pulls Bruno to another place in Flanders, which invites to have a good conversation. That can be a tourist hotspot or a hidden gem. When the weather is good will be the blessed outdoors at the following locations. At worse again to search Bruno and his guests on the spot to shelter: a historic castle, a charming castle or a particular monastery. These are the different locations:

1. Kruibeke, castle of Wissekerke

In the East Flemish village of Bazel stands the castle of Wissekerke. The castle is a more than 500-year-old moated castle. In a far distant past it was inhabited by a noble family, that the mayor of Basel yielded. In 1981, the castle, the gatehouse, the iron suspension bridge and the pigeon tower, a monument classified.

2. Meise Botanic Garden

The botanical garden of Meise is one of the most famous botanical gardens of Flemish-Brabant. The domain is located in the charming castle of Bouchout.

3. Leuven, Abbey of Vlierbeek

In the Leuven district of Kessel-Lo is the former Abbey of Vlierbeek. Until the French Revolution found the monastic life. Today, the abbey is the centre of the parish of Our Lady of Vlierbeek. The volkscafé ‘In the Rosary’ provides the ultimate coziness.

View ‘The zomert’ from Monday day of the week to 21u20 on One, or wherever you are via Click here to download the program.

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